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Lab Products


  • Single Units - Full Contour or Layered.
  • Bridges -Anterior Only. Full Contour or Layered. Up to 3 units.
  • 400 mpa-Flexural Strength

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Precision Milled Zirconia

  • Single Units - Full Contour or layered.
  • Bridges-Full Contour or Layered. Up to 14 units.
  • 950 mpa-Flexural Strength (High Translucent Traditional)
  • 725 mpa-Flexural Strength (Ultra Translucent Anterior)
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  • Custom-Precision milled custom abutments. Available for most brands.
  • Hybrid Abutment Crowns-Screw retained one piece crown and abutment. Available in Zirconia or e.Max.
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Full Cast Gold

  • The longevity and biocompatibiity of cast full gold is unmatched. Tried and true, our gold restorations offer the exceptional fit and margin accuracy you expect.
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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Wax-ups are a  powerful tool in the success of any aesthetic or functional case. Communication with the dentist and patient, through personal consultation and/or photographs, is essential to maximize the effectiveness of this initial phase.

The value of the diagnostic wax-up is that it provides a template for the provisional restorations to be evaluated for aesthetics and function. It also provides a great opportunity for doctor / patient communication regarding expectations. Any alterations required can then be implemented in the final product.

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