TPS Veneers

The Perfect Solution for The Perfect Smile

Louisville, KY (502) 495-6406

About Us

Learn why we should be the solution for you:

  • First, service to you is a priority for us. We are here to personally answer questions or assist in any way we can for a successful outcome on each and every case.
  • Each case is done from start to finish by one technician, promising consistency, attention to detail and ownership of results.
  • Great care is taken to eliminate any possible interferences in all excursive movements, while providing optimal centric contacts.
  • Proximal contacts, margins and emergence profile are checked on precise, solid model.
  • Patients are welcome to visit our lab for shades, photos and consultations regarding their cases.
  • Complete communication via email with 35mm digital photos.
  • Strict adherence to scheduling of your cases. When we promise a case will be back by a certain date, it will be.
  • Free shipping with UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail.

Meet our talented team:

  • Joe Vittitow, CDT Owner

    • A.A.S. Dental Laboratory Technology
    • 27 years experience
    • LD Pankey Institute Levels 1 & 2
    • Tanaka Institute Course 1
    • Hands on courses with Matt Roberts and Lee Culp
    • OBI Levels 1 - 3
    • AACD Sustaining Member since 1998
  • John W. Lee, CDT, TE Technician, Webmaster

    • A.A.S. Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Kelly VittitowTechnician, Office Manager